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Play all day

Our most interactive playful drop yet! 

Our new drop is designed to be not only comfortable but also interactive and engaging for kids. The movable patches adds playfulness to the clothing, allowing kids to have a hands-on experience and fun with fashion.

Banana Berry Design is all about fostering creativity and self-expression in children. These features can make the clothing more appealing and enjoyable for kids, turning getting dressed into a fun and creative activity.

Banana Berry is an award-winning Irish kidswear brand, that also provides matching adult clothing. Our ethos is all about not taking life too seriously, having fun, and being playful. We want kids and adults to be themselves, mess, play, and be comfortable while doing it.

  • Banana Tee | Banana Berry Design | Ireland

    Banana Tee

    Check out our new drop, including this kids Banana tee

  • Baby all in one, Banana Berry Design, Ireland

    Squiggle family

    Our baby onesie comes in a matching adult Squiggle sweater!

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    Buying a gift? Add a card for someone special