Playtime Paris | Banana Berry Design | Ireland

A quick trip to Paris

I’ve always loved going to trade shows in my previous job. I was a designer for 10 years in Dunnes Stores Kids department. Every year we would head off to a trade show to look at the trends and get some inspiration from looking around the cities and shops. 

Playtime Paris | Banana Berry Design

So this weekend, I went to Playtime in Paris, not for trend or inspiration but to look at it from a trading point of view. 

Playtime Paris | Banana Berry Design

When I started Banana Berry back in 2021, this was always the goal; to show at European trade shows.

I went over to see what kind of things brands were doing for displaying their products. Because clearly, I would have to become a minimalist if I was to travel and set up! 

The show is small enough but has brands I love there, Sticky Lemon and Bobo Choses, to name a few. 


I think Banana Berry would fit right in! Should I go for it? 


Check out Banana Berry Instagram for more pics and vids! 

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