Banana Berry News - Birth Story

Banana Berry News - Birth Story

A little off topic for Banana Berry but four weeks ago, a new baby boy, Tristan arrived into our family. 

I posted on Instagram about his arrival and I had a few people ask about the birth. He was born at home so it defiantly peeked some interest! 

To anyone who knows me, they know I love all things pregnancy and birth related. It was my 4th pregnancy and with each one, I read lots of books about birthing, attended all the classes I could and went to pregnancy yoga every time. I also did a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training course a few years ago and was teaching it for awhile. 

When I decided to have a homebirth, I didn't tell a huge amount of people I was planning on this, because I was trying to get into the zone about it and also didn't want to get overly attached to the idea and outcome. 

My contractions started the night before he was born. They were waking me up but far apart. It continued like this throughout the day. That evening, I called my midwife to update her. We agreed my body was probably waiting for my older kids to go to bed and she suggested that I get them minded. I am so glad I did because I don’t think I could have fully relaxed if they were sleeping upstairs. The kids headed off for sleepovers and I got into the bath and then the contractions sped up. While I was in the bath by the way, my husband was on the landing eating the spicy noodles which smelled so gross. LOL. When his alarm went off on his phone, I thought he was timing contractions but he was in fact timing his noodles. HA!
Two midwives arrived at around 8pm. I was in my room sitting on a birthing ball. I was getting through the contractions and was going between the bathroom and back into the floor on my room. Eventually, I went back into my room and it was time to push. My waters only broke at the very end and I pushed the baby out at 9.51pm. Pushing him out was so much more intense then I remember. It really felt insane.
After I had him they put me into my bed with the little babe and we waited around 20 mins to birth the placenta. The midwives helped me in the shower, and then I was tucked back into bed with my tea and toast. They hung around downstairs doing paper work for a bit but left around 11.30. It was so a great experience in the end. Very intense but also calm and quick enough! I’m so glad it all worked out!  
The whole experience of having a home birth was pretty amazing. Having my own midwife that called to my house throughout my pregnancy was brilliant and the level of care was excellent. We got to know each other really well and I think this helped when giving birth as she wasn’t a stranger. Then after the baby was born the same midwife called everyday for a week. To anyone considering it, go for it! I felt so well looked after. 
Positive mindset whatever the outcome
To anyone about to give birth; I had 3 hospital births before this one, and got the epidural on two of them. I can honestly say I loved every one of them. Each one was a really positive experience for me. 
I think practicing non-attachment is key. Have a birth plan in mind but accept whatever the outcome because we just can't be 100% sure on how it will go. 
Doing yoga, going to the gym and doing lots of reading and Hypnobirthing helped me stay calm, positive and excited! 
Sarah :D
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