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Banana Berry X Ecode

Over the last couple of months, Banana Berry has been working with the award-winning start-up Ecode on their amazing new business. 

Ecode | Banana Berry Design, Dublin

Ecode is an exciting new company in the early stages of development. They were founded in 2021 by three friends studying a master's in Sustainability. Recently they were selected to be a part of Trinity College Dublin's prestigious Launch Box and went on to win the competition last friday!

Banana Berry is delighted to be an early adopter of their forward-thinking and innovative service which allows brands to communicate their sustainability efforts to their customers. Banana Berry is on a mission to be as sustainable as possible; all our garments are sourced from ethically approved companies. Collaborating with Ecode allows us to communicate our efforts with our customers. Ecode achieves this with QR codes on items and plugins on e-commerce websites. This plugin system is now live on the Banana Berry Design website. This shows consumers the locations clothes are made including the different processes used to make them. 


Ecode | sustainability | traceability | Banana Berry Design, Dublin

ecode | sustainability | traceability | Banana Berry Design, DublinEcode plugin on

Their aim is to give insight on where garments are made as well as how to take care of your clothing and repair, recycle or reuse them. Ecode wants to extend our impact further than the store and enhance circularity. And Banana Berry could not be happier to help! Keep an eye out for Ecode on all fashion labels in the near future! 

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