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Mother Blessings & more...

Not a normal Banana Berry post but just a life update!

This week I have been super busy preparing, nesting, organising for the latest addition of the family. 

Is nesting a thing? It is for me!

It's so hard to explain how 'nesting' is such a thing. I got it at the end of all my pregnancies- cleaning out random drawers I don't even look in, or putting up shelves, and painting a room... It's honestly madness but I'm here for it. It means the end is near. 

Keeping active 

I've been doing classes in Flyfit gym and doing the bare minimum but feeling good about it. I've also kept up the pregancy yoga, which I've always been a huge fan of. I've gone for all of my pregnancies to My Welbeing. If you live in Dublin, I highly recommend this one! 

This week, I'm having acupuncture with Lisa from Baby Steps to get things moving. I've gone to her on all pregnancies. If anything, its great for getting in the zone! 


Mother Blessing 

Instead of a baby shower, I really just wanted a takeaway and drinks. No frills, no games.. Just a bunch of girls drawing vulvas and writing affirmations for It was perfect.

A couple of my friends read a poem about giving birth and motherhood which was cute and we had a laugh.. If your not into baby showers or mother blessings for that matter, I recommend just getting together with some friends and have a nice time. It's so important to surround yourself with women who support you and love you especially at this huge moments in your life!

Here's a few pics we drew, I will be using them to visualise my baby coming out and feeling supported by all my friends! My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son even got involved for this bit. 

Which one is your fav? and more importantly, do we see a Banana Berry Mothing Blessing clothing line coming on? 


Rest assured, Banana Berry hasn't switched into mother blessing clothing... But look, time will tell...

All the best, 

Sarah x

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