This week: Behind the Scenes at Banana Berry Design

This week: Behind the Scenes at Banana Berry Design

My Ongoing 6-Week Journey with DCCI's Course. 

Currently, I'm immersed in a 6-week Business Growth Course offered by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI), an opportunity that holds immense promise for refining my entrepreneurial vision. With a passion for promoting Irish design while crafting a distinctive kids fashion brand, this course is proving to be a pivotal step towards realising my business aspirations.

I have done courses like this in the past, but for me, working alone, I need a refresh to keep my goals in check! 

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At the core of my venture lies a commitment to showcasing the beauty and creativity of Irish design through meticulously crafted children's fashion. Throughout the duration of the DCCI course, I'm actively refining my value proposition and strategic approach. Through in-depth workshops and personalised mentorship, I'm gaining valuable insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and effective branding strategies tailored specifically for the kids fashion market. Each week brings new learnings, equipping me with the tools and knowledge needed to position my brand for sustained growth and success in a competitive market landscape. 

As I progress through this 6-week journey with DCCI's Business Growth Course, I am continually inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. With each passing week, I'm gaining clarity on how to leverage my passion for Irish design and children's fashion to drive meaningful impact and growth. Armed with a refined business strategy and a deeper understanding of my target market, I am hoping that this course will serve as a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of Banana Berry! With the ongoing support of DCCI, I'm excited to embrace the challenges and opportunities that await on the path to Banana Berry's success.

Fingers crossed it pays off! 


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